"Quality of HIRANUMA" is supported
             by all Employees.

Research Division

A new technology developed in daily research.

For the new device development, conduct research of new analytical methods and materials daily.

Our main role are a new product development and a request sample-analysis from customer before the equipment purchase etc.
We are experts of analytical techniques. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any question and annoyances etc.

Design Division

Know-how for the dream to form

Examined from both hardware & Software, that are added, and it will be realized.

By design and careful confirmation by CAD, we are committed to the development of a short period of time. It is the delight and our greatest joy that customer are satisfied with the product that we have designed.
While professionals of different disciplines is cooperation, we strive to develop products of high reliability, speedy and high function.

Production Division

Experience and technology  over half a century.

In technology and strong belief that we have developed over many years, created the product one by one carefully.

We are trying to create products that customer can use them with trusting to us.
In the future, we also will continue engaged in the manufacture of products that live up to the demands of various customers.

Quality Assurance Division

Real relationship begins after delivery.

We are responsible for the shipment inspection and after-sales service.

Taking advantage of deep product knowledge and a wide range of knowledge, and we are performing not only the shipment inspection but also after-sales service. It is also an important mission to feedback customers' opinions on design. I believe that our activity leads to trust of customers. At the time of renewal of equipment, if customer adopted our products, we feel very happy.