Automatic Titrator

Top share of experience in the domestic.

Automatic from dropwise end point detection,until temperature calculation.
Efficiently accurate measurement.


Automatic Titrator COM-1700A

Automatic Titrators designed to meet your needs now and in the future! Our most Intelligent and advanced titrator ever produced, the COM-1700A series.

Potentiometric Titrator

Looking for a titrator that is reliable and simple to operate yet expandable and upgradable? The COM-300A titrator from HIRANUMA offers the Total Solution - the features you asked for at a price you can afford.

Karl Fischer Titrator

Lineup, can be all of the moisture measurement.

Karl Fischer chemical analysis line-up with two of the titration method.
Ideal for moisture measurement of the Powder, Liquid and Solid sample.


Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator AQ-2200A

The AQ-2200A high-end titrator is ideal for the trace level water content determination with its excellent capability and upgraded performance!

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator AQV-2200A

The AQV-2200A Karl Fischer Volumetric high-end titrator is the perfect choice for a very wide range from 10ppm to 100% water content with its maximum capability for automation and future upgradability.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator AQ-300

Compact, Simple and easy-to-operate!

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator AQV-300

Compact, Simple and easy-to-operate!

Mercury Analyzer

Capable of high-sensitivity measurement,
1/1000 of environmental standards.

Mercury Analyzer HG-400

The HG-400 is an automated mercury analyzer that achieves a 0.5ppt detection limit based on Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometer complying with EPA and other standard methods.