Karl Fischer Titrator

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator AQ-300

Compact, Simple and easy-to-operate!


1. Six (6) built-in calculation modes accommodate various states of samples
2. Four (4) files of preset conditions can be stored in memory
3. Free software for downloading titration results to a P.C.; includes the RS-232C cable
4. CD training movie and data acquisition software“AQUANet”are included
5. Simple structure of electrolytic cell for easy maintenance


Titration method Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
Electrolysis control method Constant-current electrolysis, intermittent electrolysis near the end point
Titration control method AC polarization potentiometric detection method
Measuring range 10μgH2O - 99mgH2O
Accuracy Within CV of 0.3%
(1g of 1mgH2O/mL water-in-methanol measured 10 times)
Required measuring time FAST: 1.2mgH2O / min. (20μgH2O / sec.)
SLOW: 0.6mgH2O / min. (10μgH2O / sec.)
Electrolytic cell capacity 150mL
Electrolysis diaphragm Ion exchange membrane
Display 16-Digit x 2-Line LCD with backlighting
Display unit μgH2O, %, ppm
File function 4 files for titration parameters
Data storage capacity 20 data
External input/Output 2 RS-232C ports for Balance and Host, 1 interface for printer
Software Data acquisition software is included.
GLP compliant functions Maintenance information on reagents, electrode, membrane
Power requirement AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 100VA
Dimensions / Weight 310(W) x 270(D) x 170(H) mm / Approx. 5kg